12 June 2016

Welcome Reuben!!

After a 9 month long, emotional recovery break from having a dog around the house, we welcomed our newest member of the family 2 weeks ago.  His name is Reuben and he is everything his foster mom said he would be and then some.  He's a smooth collie/lab mix, which to us means we have a great combination of super smart and trainable with playful and people-loving.  So far, that is exactly what we have experienced from him.  He has that calm nature and wants to please, with an affectionate side that is super lovable.  He has his playful times and he listens really well, although he is still learning some of the rules.  We are totally thrilled to have him here and can't wait to get him out for his first hike in the next few weeks.  Here are a few photos and videos of him playing.  It has been hard to get a lot of pics yet since we are still actively training him, so we need to be focused on him when we're interacting and not the camera, but we've managed a few good ones. 

A very special thanks to Freedom Street Rescue in Houston, TX.  Karoline and Rhonda were a pleasure to work with and it is very clear that they care so deeply about each one of the dogs in their care and are committed to finding the best match for both the dogs and the rescue families.  When we told people that we were adopting a dog from the South, many people warned us, "You have to be careful with those.  Some groups are just in it for the money and you don't know what you're going to get."  Well, Freedom Street Rescue is the epitome of "doing it right".  They put in amazing efforts to get to know each and every dog well enough to trust the matches they are making with families and we had an absolutely accurate sense of who Reuben was before we even met him.   Thank you for all the hard work you and your team do Karoline!

Another shout out to Greg from Rescue Road Trips for helping to bring our happy guy to us.  Though our meeting with him was only a few minutes in a parking lot in CT, it is immediately clear how much he cares for each dog that comes through his care and his mission is about as noble as they come.  Thank you to Greg and all the volunteers that help him along the way for transporting so many dogs to their forever families over the years.

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